14 New Galentines Day Ideas for 2022 You Never Knew You Needed

Do you want new Galentines Day ideas to try this year? Also, if you aren’t celebrating Galentines Day with your girls yet, you are missing out and need to start now. It’s okay if you have a boyfriend or if you all have boyfriends, but you still need to celebrate Galentines Day with your girls. Try these new ideas for Galentines Day 2022:

Paint & Pour

I’ve seen it called many different names but the idea behind it is the same. Sign up for one of these nights and you and your girls will have a blast drinking and creating. You can also create this at home. Buy some canvases, paint and brushes, and plenty of wine to go around. It’ll be a fun night to remember!

Movie Night

Movie theaters are open and a fun place to be! Buy your tickets, popcorn, and snacks and make it a fun girls night at the movies. If you don’t feel like going out, tell everyone to grab their pillows, blankets, bring their wine over and you’ll make it a great movie night at home!

Go on a Trip

Girlssss tripppp (in a singing voice)! Use this weekend as a chance to explore somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. If that’s too extreme, use this weekend as a time to explore the surrounding cities and landmarks. You can never go wrong with a weekend trip with your girls.

Have a fun night out

Do you go out a lot? Good, do it more! Do you stay in a lot? Same, but Galentines Day could be a fun opportunity to get out of the house and find somewhere fun to go! Go dancing, sing karaoke, eat dessert, and take shots! A girls night out is just what you need.


We all love brunch. Get the gang together and meet at your favorite brunch spot. Cheers to mimosas and breakfast for lunch, while hanging out with your favorite people.


Depending on where you live, get outside! Hiking doesn’t mean it has to be on mountains, find your local park and walk while you catch up on everything you’ve been missing in each other’s lives. Fresh air never does anyone wrong.

Ax Throwing

I’ve heard about this from soooo many people and I’ve heard it's so fun! Get a group of friends together and try something new. If anything, the fun videos and pics will be something you remember forever!

Girls Night In

We’ve all had those nights where you stay up until 2am talking about anything and everything, and we love nights like that! Get your group of girls together for one of those nights again.


Wineries have good wine, usually a really pretty view, sometimes an outdoor patio, and even a fireplace or two. This would be a good location for any Galentines Day with your friends!

Rooftop Bar

Whether this is near your city or requires a little trip, a rooftop bar is always a good time. Dress cute, enjoy those drinks with a view, and have a fun night dancing the night away! These are usually great places for a bunch of pics too!

Spa Day

We all could use a spa day and this could be at your house or the actual spa. Make your appointments and spend the day getting pampered together. If you don’t feel like going out or spending quite so much money, go to the store and buy nail polish, face masks, and hair treatments. You deserve to spoil yourself!

Game Night

Make it a fun night with everyone’s favorite games. Drinking games, Jenga, the millions of card and board games, and anything else you might need. Have everyone bring an appetizer and spend the night letting your inner child out!


Booking a nice dinner for everyone might be just what you all need. No cooking, letting someone else wait on you, and as many drinks as you can afford while talking the night away. You can’t go wrong with a nice dinner out.


Make it a fun day buying stuff you need or trying on every fun piece of clothing you see. Have a fashion show in the middle of the store. Make it whatever kind of shopping trip you want. It’s always more fun with friends!