14 NEW Valentines Day Ideas You Need

Updated: Feb 7

Need Some New Valentine's Day Ideas?

Are you tired of the same chocolate and flowers every year? Maybe a teddy bear was added in there too? This year can be the perfect chance to change up your routine and even try something new. Below are some fun new ways to spice up your Valentine's Day.

Take a trip

Use this weekend as a fun opportunity to take a road trip to the beach, mountains, or any other landmark that might be in your area. It’s a special occasion and you deserve to step away and take a break while exploring a new area.

Have a picnic at home

Restaurants are crowded, packed, and loud. They also can be hard to get into on a holiday when everyone is trying to make a reservation. Save yourself the time and plan a fun picnic at home. Put a blanket down and pack a special picnic basket of wine and your favorite food. It might be a fun tradition you start doing regularly.

Visit a winery

Wineries can be made into a romantic trip for your Valentine’s Day. They often have pretty lights, sometimes a patio fireplace, and a pretty view. Spend the day relaxing together with a nice glass of wine, or a few.

Massages/spa sesh

If you don’t get monthly massages, I know you could probably use one right now. Splurge a little and sign up for a couples massage. It’s much needed to take care of yourself and you don’t even need to do anything but show up.

Bookstore & coffee date

This is a low-key but super cute date idea. Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to do something you don’t normally do. Check out your local bookstore and spend the day together with your favorite go-to coffee drink.


Doing an activity can be more fun than just going to a standard dinner at a restaurant. Bowling is a fun way to let loose and have a good time. There are even some locations that have music, drinks, or other games. Make it a good night staying busy.

Make a recipe together

If you like cooking together, have ever taken a cooking class, or have a recipe you’ve been wanting to try, now is the time. It’ll bring you closer while working together to make a new delicious dinner.

Game night

Make some snacks and get a variety of games together to make it a fun night. Twister, Jenga, the billions of card and board games are just the start. Let your inner child come out and spend the whole night playing games together. It’ll be a fun night you won’t forget.

Movie date

This could be at home or in the theaters depending if you want to go out. If you stay in, grab your blankets and some popcorn. Pick a new movie or one you’ve seen a billion times but still love watching.

Ax throwing

I haven’t tried this but I’ve seen so many people trying it and it looks amazing. Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to try something out of the norm so you might as well make it a fun new experience you can try together.

Order pizza in bed

Are you tired of going out or putting in extra effort to plan a weekend full of activities? Order that pizza and sit your butt in bed. Spend your night together relaxing because we all need nights like this.

House projects

Do you have a mile long list of projects you’ve been meaning to do? Make Valentine’s Day a productive day. Work on your projects together and feel accomplished at the end by everything you were able to do together.


Make this year's Valentine’s Day a special occasion by finally buying those concert tickets and seeing the band you’ve been wanting to see. It doesn’t even have to be on Valentine’s Day exactly but you can celebrate on whatever day you want.


Being outside can be a good time depending on where you live. Spend some time in nature going on a walk together in your neighborhood, a new park, or any trails around you. Especially if this is an activity you usually spend doing alone, use the holiday as a reason to make your partner go with you. Alone time together in nature might be just what you need (leave the phones at home).