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31 Top Ideas for What to do When bored

Happy woman learning top ideas for what to do when bored

We all have those days when we finally have the time to ourselves but we’re not sure what to do with that free time. We could spend the time relaxing, being super productive, or a little bit of both. Instead of spending that time being bored and unsure of what to do, we've created a list for you on what to do when you're bored. Here is a list for everything you need to have a fun and productive day. No need to ever be bored again!

Writing items for what to do when bored

1. Clean/organize/redecorate your house

2. Have a mini spa day

3. Start a new hobby

Rock climbing when bored

4. Meal prep

5. Start doing those projects you’ve been wanting to do

6. Do something you’ve been wanting to do but have been putting off

Woman traveling on airplane

7. Get outside and go on a walk

8. Check out your local farmers market

9. Plant a garden/herbs/flowers

Woman planting a garden

10. Get together with friends

11. Have a movie marathon

12. Make a nice family dinner

Having a family dinner

13. Work on your side hustle

14. Learn something new

15. Play a game

Friends playing games

16. Go out to a movie theater

17. Go bowling

18. Shop with friends

Shopping with friends

19. Go to dinner with friends or family

20. Explore your city

21. Go out for ice cream

Eating ice cream when bored

22. Shop at your local boutiques

23. Volunteer

24. Go to your local park

Walk in park

25. Explore the next city over

26. Join a cooking class

27. Try a new coffee shop

Visiting a coffee shop when bored and don't know what to do

28. Visit a winery

29. Go to a local game

30. Take a workout class

31. Go get a manicure & pedicure

Happy woman figuring out what to do when bored

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