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Becoming The Best You: How do we do it?

Are you starting to see people improving their lives, becoming healthier or doing more of what they love? Do you wonder how you can do it too?

What’s important to you? Have you been wanting to start eating healthier or get on that workout schedule you keep saying you’ll do every morning but can’t commit to? Have you been wanting to start a small business to get out of that 9-5? Are you just looking to become a happier version of yourself? Let’s start focusing on you and how you can become the best you.

Not everyone wants to improve their life and that’s okay! My sister tells me every Sunday how she’s going to meal prep and get back into the gym before work and it still hasn’t happened. I always say I want to start eating healthier but still can’t say no to a temptation right in front of my face. We all have something that we would like to improve, but it’s whether you can motivate yourself to get there. You shouldn’t do something for someone else. It has to start from you if you actually want to change. I realized healthy food makes my body feel better overall and realized that is how I want to feel everyday. That’s my motivator to change my eating habits. It makes me feel like a better person and I feel like I’m improving myself everyday when I stay with it. It’s a change that you have to want to make.

I’ve been wanting to start this blog for over a year now and kept putting it off. I was overthinking everything as soon as I sat down wanting to start it. I could never get there. I finally had to buy a desk that I considered to be a “boss” desk, buy an overpriced coffee to feel motivated and important, and force myself to sit down and just start. It was something I wanted and needed to be motivated enough to finally commit. I’m sure we could all apply this to something we’ve been wanting to do. We see other people do it and wonder if we can too. But guess what, we are all good enough and have the ability to do exactly what we see the other person do (unless it’s lifting heavy weights or buying something expensive, we all have to start somewhere.)

Find what gets you going and just do it. I found that writing out a schedule worked for me. After I bought the desk, I wrote out the times I was going to write and scheduled it into my daily chores. We all have to find time to pay bills and clean the house, but schedule the amount of time you are going to spend on doing that and then schedule another 30 minutes or an hour doing whatever you need to do to focus on yourself. We are all busy but that isn’t an excuse to not live our lives the way we want. There are 24 whole hours in a day and we can get more done than we credit ourselves for. I’m not saying work until you are crazy exhausted everyday but remember that you are very important and you deserve what you are looking for. Work hard and live that life you want! Get in the gym, start that business, join that social app, read that book, do what you need to do to become the best you.

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