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Fireplace Makeover: Make it look brand new

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

fireplace makeover

When I bought my house there were a few things I knew I wanted to change right away. The fireplace was one of them. It was a statement piece that you saw as soon as you walked in, but it was not a statement piece that I liked. The rest of the house was very modern with gray and white, the fireplace was a peachy tan color that must have been on sale when they were looking for fireplace tile.

I looked at several different options for changing this fireplace. One idea that I really liked was peel and stick fireplace tiles. The design options were very trendy and fun like I wanted, but I wasn’t sure how it would look once on and if it would be hard or not. My fireplace tile is also textured and uneven so ultimately I decided the peel and stick tiles probably wouldn’t work for my house.

redoing fireplace tile

I had family coming to stay at my house shortly after I decided I wanted to redo my fireplace so I thought the easiest option would probably be to paint my fireplace, quick and easy. I went with a semi gloss white fireplace paint. The gloss would help it look more like a shiny tile versus a matte and that’s the look I had envisioned for a nice fancy statement piece.

painting fireplace

The process wasn’t hard at all. I bought the fireplace paint, paint brush and roller, a tarp to put down, and sandpaper. The paint I bought was also a primer otherwise you could buy that separately if you wanted to.

painting fireplace white

First I wiped down all the tile making sure all the dust and dirt was off.

Then I started using the sandpaper to sand down all the tiles.

Next, I washed off all that was left behind from sanding down the tiles and finished by drying off the fireplace.

redoing fireplace

After the fireplace was clean and dry, I started taping all the outer areas that lined the tiles I was going to paint. This part is very important because it’s the easiest way to make sure you stay within the lines. Make sure all the tape is pushed down too so the paint can’t get underneath it. I had a couple spots where the paint went under the tape and now needs to be touched up.

taping fireplace

After all the tiles were lined with the tape, I started painting. I started by using a paint brush and painted all the tiles from top to bottom, and used to paint brush specifically so I could get on the small sides of the tiles. I also painted the grout on all sides of the tiles. You don’t have to paint the grout but mine was originally a tan color and that didn’t match the white theme I was going for.

Once I had a base layer of paint on, I waited the 3 hours that was recommended to let the paint dry. You can read what your paint can best recommends on waiting time.

priming fireplace

I did another coat of paint using the paint brush. The paint brush was easier for me to use because it was able to get in the smaller/tighter spots that the roller would have been hard to reach. I let it dry overnight to see if we would need another coat added once it was fully dry.

Since I used a paint brush, you could see the paint brush strokes if you looked close enough and I didn’t like that so I decided to do a final coat of paint using the mini roller. Once it was dry, it had the perfect amount of paint needed to make it look like a fully covered finished product.

making over fireplace

I let the fireplace dry overnight again and removed the tape the next morning.

I love it! The modern look is much more my style and makes my home feel brighter and much more updated. I hope you take these tips and try it out on your own fireplace!

modern white fireplace

Note: First, I am definetley not a professional painter, designer, or anything along those lines. Loosely take my advice from above and do what works best for your situation. Second, I do have a double sided fireplace and I did do the same steps for both sides. Looking back it might have been fun to make the dining room side a little different from the living room side but it’s always something I can change at a later date. It is something I wanted to note in case you have a similar situation and wanted to try two different designs!

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