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Easy & Affordable Ways to Update your House

modern house

We all see different home trends every day. It would be so fun if we were all able to change up our houses every week but unfortunately most of us are not able to do that, myself included. Popular house trends can now easily be repeated in your own house thanks to these tips below. You will no longer be wondering how you can update your house like the ones you see on the tv with these easy and affordable trends.

I wanted to be able to update my house in an affordable way that would make me proud of my house. I’ve slowly been updating my house over the past couple months and wanted to share the easy ideas I’ve been finding. Here are a few of the affordable and easy ways I updated my house:

1. Update Cabinet Pulls

This includes kitchens, bathrooms, dressers, anything! This is such an easy way to make something older/outdated look modern and upgraded. You would be surprised what a big impact updating cabinet pulls will make in every room. It also is an easy fix to make something that is not your style look more like your own personal style. Try this easy affordable trick today!

updating kitchen

2. Update simple light fixtures

This could include dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, entry way, ect. I’ve updated my bathrooms and dining room lights so far and it’s made a tremendous difference in my house. I also recommend watching for these lights to go on sale, Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day are when I shopped, but lights also go on sale monthly. Be on the lookout for your style of lights to go on sale and this will be a perfect and affordable way to make updates throughout your home.

updating bathroom

3. Wallpaper!

Adding wallpaper in my home has been one of my favorite ways I have updated my house. There are thousands of options to choose from in every color imaginable. Change your house into a farmhouse style, boho, modern, 70’s style, literally anything imaginable with the different wallpaper designs out there. I’ve already redone my bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room with fun modern wallpaper styles, you can see examples on my instagram here.

modern wallpaper

4. New faucets

We’ve seen gold, black, copper, brushed nickel, and more added to every room in the house. I’ve added new faucets to every bathroom in my house and next is my kitchen. Again, this is something you can look for when there are monthly sales to save a little money and watch how much it adds to your updated look.

updating house

5. Curtains

Curtains are a simple way to brighten or darken a room. You can also add your style very easily this way with the different color possibilities. I’ve made my bedroom a very bright and airy space so I went with a simple white look that I love but can easily change out within other rooms.

upgrading house

6. Neutral Furniture

This will obviously not be something you will be changing out every month, so the simple way to change up your house would be to stick with neutral furniture and change out smaller things in the room like candles and pillows. I have seasonal pillows that change out the color of the room like it’s a new room every couple of months. Example: bright blues in summer, oranges in fall, red in winter, and pinks/light greens in spring. I have different colored pillows, candles, picture frames, simple things that you can easily change out every season. For pillows, to help with storage, I buy pillow cases that I can use on the pillows I already have instead of having piles of pillows in my storage room.

modern decorating home

7. Spray Paint

Another affordable way to change up things you already have, is to spray paint the colors you are tired of. I’ve spray painted an old bathroom trash can that was light pink and painted it a white color for a neutral bathroom look. I’ve also done several old picture frames that just needed general touch ups from being older or because the color was no longer what I was looking for. Mirrors are another easy thing you can spray paint for a easy update without having to spend all the money on a brand new mirror. This can be a fast and easy update that everyone should try!

modern art in house

8. Doorknobs

This might have never crossed your mind but it’s one of the first things people see when opening the door to your house. From there, when they use your bathroom knob, closet knob, pantry, back door, ect., your guests will be using knobs throughout your house. If you buy them in bulk, it’s generally cheaper and you can replace all your old tarnished doorknobs this way. You can replace the color and design and easily make your house look upgraded.

updating house

9. Organize

A simple thing I’ve been seeing everywhere lately is organizing your house. That means baskets, baskets, and more baskets. Have you seen the closet reorganizations? Get a couple baskets and your closets will automatically look more organized, put together, and ultimately upgraded like you have your life together. Organize all your bathroom closets, laundry room closet, and pantry. After that, start on your fridge. They also make drawers now that keep your fridge looking organized and you can actually see everything in your fridge this way so it may also help you see food before it goes bad, saving you money. Upgrade your house with these organizational techniques and watch how a little upgrading goes a long way!

organizing house

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